RPO Message
          The initiative of launching of website of district police Khushab is highly commendable. In the modern day policing, the police departments are shifting their orientation from authoritarian to public service organizations, which strive to achieve their aims and objectives through the cooperation, coordination and information sharing with the community. And this website of Khushab Police will definitely be a great source of information sharing which will eventually help in brining the police and community closer.

                                                         (AHMED ISHAQUE JEHANGIR) PSP, PPM
                                                                           Regional Police Officer,
                                                                       Sargodha Region, Sargodha.


DPO Message
It is a great honor for me to be "District Police Officer Khushab" I will try my level best to utilize all my skills, professionalism and integrity to deliver to the people. I want to let you know that I am personally available in my office, to listen the complaints of all rank and files. I will personally ensure that all the complainants are treated with respect, regardless of their social status by the concerned police station staff. I will also ensure that complaints are appropriately redressed. I invite and welcome all the proposals and initiatives from public to further improve our policing in Khushab.
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